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Fire Follows is a solo artist out of Colorado. Writing, performing, and producing all elements of the music, he is a world class musician that is sure to be a star within the hard-rock/metal genres. In 2008, he began experiencing severe problems with his singing and speaking voice. After multiple visits with vocal specialists and doctors, it was determined that he had partially paralyzed a vocal chord, and almost entirely lost the ability to speak/sing for over 5 years. Although devastated, he used this time to enhance his musicianship on the piano, drums, and guitar, while also educating himself in the areas of audio engineering and production. After 5+ years of almost complete silence, and 3 vocal chord procedures (one of which left a prosthetic inside the right chord) his voice came back to life, enabling him to release his debut EP, "If It's War You Want". All 5 songs are considered "singles", and emanate from the loss and triumph endured over the last decade. This EP is sure to turn ears within the industry, and offer hope to all those who hear the music.